关于 the IT服务台

The IT服务台 provides front-line technical support to all 澳门24小时线路检测中心 students, 教师, and staff. We are advocates committed to resolving the technology issues affecting students and employees and providing detailed resolutions and general systems information.

澳门24小时线路检测中心 IT 支持 Portal

Available Services

  • Submit an IT 支持 ticket
  • 搜索able service catalog
  • Knowledge base & helpful articles
  • Account password resets
  • Computer software updates
  • Printing Services
  • Other IT support services

IT 支持 Portal

Department 支持 Portal

Available Services

  • Accommodations and Accessibility
  • 问AcePrint
  • College Call Center
  • College Records Office
  • Disability e形式
  • LTS (图书馆 工作人员 Only)
  • 澳门24小时线路检测中心停车 & Transportation
  • 澳门24小时线路检测中心 Police Department
  • Student 建议

Department 支持 Portal

Reset Password or Unlock Account

Here are the online tools to reset and unlock your My澳门24小时线路检测中心 and NVCC (network/email) accounts. We encourage all 澳门24小时线路检测中心 students, 教师, and staff to use these tools to resolve any account issues before calling the IT服务台 to avoid waiting in long queues to speak with a Help Desk Analyst.

My澳门24小时线路检测中心 Password Reset NVCC Password Reset

My澳门24小时线路检测中心 Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA)

所有 users must enroll in Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) to access Canvas, 姐姐, and other critical my澳门24小时线路检测中心 tools.

There are three methods for MFA using your mobile device:

If you successfully set up MFA but fail authentication twice, please wait 15-20 minutes before you reattempt or risk account lockout.

Options for individuals who do not possess a smartphone, 手机, or other mobile device are still being researched by VCCS. We will make this information available as soon as we can.


Monday - Friday: 8:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m.

Toll Free: 855.259.1019

澳门24小时线路检测中心 IT 支持 Portal
澳门24小时线路检测中心 IT 支持 Portal After-Hours Login 支持 - use this link if you are experiencing issues accessing the 澳门24小时线路检测中心 IT 支持 Portal outside of normal business hours and we will respond the next business day.
Virginia Relay (Deaf/TTY Communication Services)

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