Pay Your Tuition

Payment Options at 澳门24小时线路检测中心

澳门24小时线路检测中心 offers several methods to pay your tuition. Explore installment plans, financial aid and more.

Pay Your Bill Online

澳门24小时线路检测中心 accepts online payments in Nelnet Enterprise by e-check with no fees or by credit/debit cards using Visa, MasterCard or American Express. Please note credit/debit card payments are assessed a service fee by Nelnet Business Solutions. You can complete all your business transactions with the College through VCCS SIS: Student Information System in my澳门24小时线路检测中心.

To pay online, go to Nelnet Enterprise. The system may take a few minutes to process your payment, so don't click the payment authorization more than once! Be sure to print out a copy of your confirmation number to have for future reference.

Refunds to your credit card are only available for payments made through my澳门24小时线路检测中心. All other refunds will be issued as checks payable to the student. Your refund will not be processed unless all debts to the College have been paid. Refunds for other services such as parking must be requested from the office providing the service.

Credit cards are not accepted at campus Business Offices.

Payment Plan

澳门24小时线路检测中心 offers a payment plan to help you meet your educational expenses. There is no credit check required and no interest charged to participate. There is a nominal enrollment fee (non-refundable).

Learn More About Payment Plans

Check or Money Order

Payments may be made in person or mailed to any campus Business Office payable to NVCC or 澳门24小时线路检测中心, but must be received by 5 p.m. on the date of your payment deadline.

Include your name, Student ID number, and the telephone number of the account's owner. Addresses for each campus are available online and inside the back cover of the printed schedule.


Cash payments are currently accepted in person at any campus Business Office.

Financial Aid

You must have received an official Financial Aid Notification Letter from 澳门24小时线路检测中心's College Financial Aid Office to pay with approved (anticipated) financial aid. Loans cannot be used to cover your bill until a promissory note and loan entrance counseling are completed. Work-study awards can never be used to cover your bill. You can view your awards online via 澳门24小时线路检测中心Connect.

NOTE: If your award does not fully cover your tuition/fees, please complete payments using the Deferred Tuition Payment Plan, my澳门24小时线路检测中心 or in person at a campus Business Office. You may apply for a student loan to cover additional tuition costs.

Third-Party Sponsor or Company Check

If your company or organization is paying for your tuition and fees, payment can be made by the following methods:

  • Company check for the amount due, payable to Northern Virginia Community College. Include your name, Student ID number, and telephone number of the account's owner.
  • Contract payment -- you must submit to a campus business office no later than 5 p.m. on the date of your payment deadline your employer's written authorization to be billed for your classes. If your contract was mailed or faxed by the authorizing agency, you must notify the campus business office at the time you register to ensure the contract is applied to your financial account.

Wire Transfer of Funds

澳门24小时线路检测中心 can receive wire transfer of funds from an originator's bank. If you are interested in paying by this method, contact a campus Cashier or Business Manager to receive detailed instructions for how to transfer funds in this manner.

529 Prepaid Plans

If you are interested in paying by this method, go to 529 Prepaid Plans.